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Destan In Urdu Subtitlesby HistroyPlay I have it is rebuffed. I couldn’t say whether you were essential for that disloyalty. I have no verification. That is the reason I’m not killing you. In any case, I request you and your local area to leave. Escape my cutoff points before the sun goes down. Alpaca! We won’t leave our region. Father ! Father ! 200 and 49 legends are dead. I included them individually in the fight camp.

200 and 49 incredible legends of Paradise. It wasn’t simply legends. They were children to their moms and men to their spouses. They were father to their children. Presently the children sob for their dads who battled courageously on the front line. The way that youngsters weep for their dads is their right. In any case, a Gök Tegin has no privilege to sob for his deceptive mother. History Play

Destan By Historyplay

To this end I restrict you to cry as your Radiant Khan. However, I know as your dad. That torments you. Figure out me. Me too it harms me. He who damages doesn’t do any harm. I won’t converse with you again until I bite the dust. I carried you here to figure out your Khan. Not so much for you to be his foe! Glorious God invigorate my dad. Take him to his paradise. MakkiTv2

Akkiz. We need to take your dad. We will felt it. Akkiz. Father Kun. Was our Khan actually a backstabber? I don’t have any idea. Khan Alpaca says as much. And Çolpan Mike? Is it safe to say that he was a backstabber? I don’t have any idea. However, my dad was not a backstabber. Is it safe to say that he was? No. He was a fearless legend. He was the boldest hook of the Dagbans.

Destan In Urdu Subtitles

For what reason did he bite the dust then, at that point? For what reason would he say he is dead in the event that he’s not to blame? In light of the blades that the khans hone cut the troopers. Now and then equity. Now and then by disloyalty. Our divine precursor and our mountain progenitor were siblings. Presently the sibling clans are at war. The tents caused the massacre.

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