Turgut Alp History Inegol Mession And Cengiz Coskun Why?

Turgut Alp History Inegol Mission And Cengiz Coskun Why?

In the recent episode of Kurulus Osman, Osman Bey, is heard saying that he will conquer the Inagol fort. But did you know that Turgut Alp played a greater role in the conquest of Inagol Fort than Osman Ghazi? Yes, the same Turgat Alp who was Ertugrul Ghazi’s best friend and warrior. And who conquered many forts of the disbelievers with his mighty arm According to the real history of the Ottoman Empire,

Turgut Alp History In Ertugrul Ghazi Dirilis

Turgut Alp survived many years after the death of Ertugrul Ghazi And Osman Ghazi had appointed him as commander of his army. Turgat Alp took part in many battles with Osman Ghazi and defeated non-believers. But conquering Inagol Fort was a difficult task Therefore,

before attacking this fort, Turgat entered in Inagol as a spy and kept Osman Ghazi informed of the internal affairs of the fort through his secret sources. As far as the conquest of Ingol Fort is concerned, its story is this After becoming the chief of the tribe, Osman Ghazi first gave priority to peace policy Like his father Ertugrul Ghazi,

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he continued his policy of cooperation with the feudal lords of Bilecik, Bursa and the surrounding areas. But then Nicola, a Tekfor, received word that one evening Usman, with a few of his soldiers, was about to attack the fortress of Angela Coma or Anagol. So Nicola had already ambushed and attacked Ottoman troops at a place called Armina Bailey. And in this clash,

Osman’s young nephew was martyred. Beyhoja Bay is also considered as the first martyr of the Ottoman Empire. The martyrdom of Be Hoja Bay prolongs the fire in Osman’s chest, and Osman, with 300 soldiers, makes a surprise attack on the fort called Kolja and conquers it.

Turgut Alp Role In Ottoman Empire

This fort was located very close to Inagol and this event is recorded as the conquest of the first fort in Ottoman history which was conquered in 1286 AD. after this Osman piled up victories, According to Ottoman historians, Usman Ghazi did not visit Inagol or its environs for 14-15 years. But in the meantime, they conquered the forts of Karachasar, bilecik, and Yarhsar, and thus completely destroyed the support system of Inagol. Then at last, he ordered his bravest and most valiant commander,

Turgut Alp, to conquer Inagol. Turgut laid siege to Inagol, but without much success Usman Ghazi himself joined the expedition with his army and conquered Inagol. But the credit for this victory goes to Turgut Alp,

whose brilliant plan led to the victory of the Ottomans. And that was the greatest achievement ever for ottomans. After the conquest, Osman appointed Turgut Alp as governor of Inagol Where he ruled for 36 years and then died at the age of 125. His mausoleum still stands in the town of Turgat Alp in Inagol, a testament to his loyalty to the Ottoman Empire.

Turgut Alp History
Turgut Alp History

This was the real history of the conquest of Inagol fort. But there are rumors circulating on some social media sites, especially YouTube that in the last episode of Kurulus Osman, the slap that Osman give to Goktog was actually to show

Turgut Alp Inagol Mission

Targun Hatun So that Targan would believe that Goktag has become disgusted with Osman and thus Targan trusted him and took him with her to Inagol. In this way, Osman’s spy reached Inagol and helped Turgat But let me make it clear to you that there is no such character as Goktog,

in the history of the Ottoman Empire. And the narrators of the conquest of Inagol have not mentioned any hero other than Turgat Alp and Osman. So far, the role of Turgat Alp has not been included in the drama serial Kurulus Osman But if the scene of the conquest of Inagol Fort is shown in this play, then it will be inevitable to include Turgat Alp. Because without them,

seeing the conquest of this fort would be against the real history. As far as actor Cengiz Coskun, who played the role of Turgat Alp, is concerned, his return to Kurulus Osman is impossible. Because he has already been cast for four seasons in a series called Yavuz Saleem And now he is an international star anyway, and he will not play a side role under any circumstances.

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Now Mehmet Bozdag has a strict responsibility to choose which actor to cast for Turgat Alp who can give competition to Cengiz Coskun. And fans shouldn’t be as heartbroken to see him as they were to see Ertugrul. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.

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